hendrickson software components
Fun animated voice reminders that you create for your iPhone, and iPod touch.


AniMinder hits the streets. from Jeff Hendrickson on Vimeo.

  • Create fun animated voice reminders using photos that you've taken on your cell phones, iPhone or iPod touch.
  • You choose the animated lips.
  • You record the animated reminder message.
  • Save your favorites with easy access.
  • Prank your boss, friends, family, and perfect to animate your pets.
    Avaliable on the App Store.
  AniMinder From iPhone Explorer.  
  AniMinder from iPhone Explorer  
  AniMinder splash screen.  
  iPhone Splashscreen  
  AniMinder main screen showing currently selected reminder.  
  AniMinder Main Screen  
  AniMinder main screen with Missy talking.  
  AniMinder Main Screen With Missy Talking  
List of animated reminders that you have created. The currently selected reminder will have a check by it.
  Your animated reminders  
  Easily create an animated reminder. Fill in Name and Description. (Note: both fields are REQUIRED)  
  Create animated reminder.  
  Choose and scale the picture from your iPhone, or iPod touch photo album.  
  Choose PicturePicture chosen.Scale picture.  
Choose, drag and rotate/size the lips on the photo.
  Choose lips.Lips placed.  
  Record the voice that will be played for this reminder. Note: for best animation results stop recording as soon as voice, or sound that you are recording stops.  
  Record voice for reminder.Sound recorded.  
  Ready to save! Easy as that. (Note: again, Name and Description are required fields)  
  Ready to save.  
  Ready to play animated reminder! Press Play to have sound play and lips animate!  
  Ready to play!