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Biometric fingerprint registration and validation software!
  • Inexpensive, easy to use, access control solution based on fingerprints!
  • Use BioAx to control access to facilities (health clubs, etc...), track time and attendance, access to secure areas, etc...
  • Use in law enforcement to track suspects, support case work, track illegal aliens, etc...
  • Additional subject text fields can be easily added to customize your BioAx installation.
  • Can be easily integrated with third part hardware to provide control of doors, computers, etc...
  • BioAx software includes a COM Component that supports interaction with the fingerprint scanner and can be used in any application development environment that supports COM, including Visual C++, Visual Basic, REALbasic, and Internet Explorer based web applications.
  • Database technology used to store fingerprint minutiae data is SQLite, or MySQL. Both database technologies are robust, cross platform, databases that are the most widely used databases in the world. Additional subject text fields can be easily added.
  • Fingerprint minutiae data, and photographs are stored as a Base64 encoded strings, suitable for use over any TCP/IP connection, including HTTP to support fingerprint data collection or validation in a web application.
  • FIPS 201 / PIV certified by the FBI for collecting, and validating fingerprints.

BioAx Fingerprint Registration, and Validation Software

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BioAx Verification

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