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  Gettysburg Fight the Battle of Gettysburg as the Army of Northern Virginia under the command of Robert E. Lee, or as the Army of the Potomac under the command of George G. Meade. The computer will play a historically accurate opposition. Will decisions that you make alter the outcome of the battle? Can the Army of Northern Virginia prevail? The latest version of Gettysburg is available for download here.
  Password Compass Powerful and simple web site password management and launch utility! Click the Password Compass icon to find out more!
  BioAx Biometric fingerprint registration and validation software solution. Click on the BioAx icon to find out more. View BioAx presentation here.
  Spell Checker REALbasic Class, includes English Dictionary, allows a REALbasic programmer to easily add spell checking to their REALbasic application. Click on the SpellChecker icon to find out more.
  Outlook Message Parser Outlook Message Parser, REAL Studio (REALbasic) plugin allows developers to parse Outlook .MSG files. Click on the OMP icon to find out more.
  iPhone Developer Find out more about our Ball Turret Gunner, Animinder, SantaMaker, ValentineMaker and BirthdayMaker iPhone / iPad applications here.