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  Spell Checker
Easy to use REAL Studio (REALbasic) Class to spell check text.
For Macintosh, Windows, and Linux REAL Studio developers.

Easily spell check text cross-platform from REAL Studio (REALbasic).
Comes with 144399 word English dictionary to which the Spell Checker Class can add or delete words.
Other languages can be easily supported by importing the language's word list to a new dictionary.

   // REALbasic Sample Use

   Dim cResults as new clsSpellCheckResult
   app.SpellChecker().Content() = strSource
   for i = 0 to cResults.GoodWords()
      lstResults.AddRow "+" + cResults.GoodWord(i)
   for i = 0 to cResults.BadWords()
      lstResults.AddRow "-" + cResults.BadWord(i)

   // REALbasic Add, Delete Word

   if app.SpellChecker().AddWord(DictionaryEditField.Text) then
      if not app.SpellChecker().DeleteWord(DictionaryEditField.Text) then
         // do something...
      end if
   end if

REAL Studio (REALbasic) Versions
  • Version 2006 to current version
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    Operating Systems
  • Macintosh OSX Tiger, to OSX Snow Leopard (has been tested in 64 bit mode)
  • Windows 2000, to Windows 7 (has been tested in 64 bit mode).
  • Linux Fedora Core 7 to Fedora Core 12 (should work on any Intel Linux distro with GTK+)
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